Fascinating what comes up at the top when searching google

Posted on December 16, 2010


Just searched “marketing seattle” in google today and the top 3 results are:

seattle marketing search

1) Seattle Direct Marketing Association: This makes sense, but are there no larger marketing associations than this group?  I guess we’ll find out.  I thought “direct marketing” is a subdivision of marketing.  Anyway, their SEO is good at least 😉

2) The Puget Sound Business Journal’s job section related to “marketing” comes up 2nd.  However, shouldn’t these be the top results for “seattle marketing jobs” and not just “seattle marketing?”  Again, SEO’s strong for PSBJ as well (rather bizjournals.com which is the parent company).

3) The 3rd result is Craigslist.org with their marketing jobs section for Seattle.  I guess Google currently thinks that people are thinking “jobs” these days in the down market.  Maybe that’s the rationale.  When it’s an up market, does it change to “seattle marketing” companies?  🙂